The Family Guy (3/5)

Created by Seth McFarlane, the Family Guy is about the suburban Griffiths family consisting of an inept father, Peter, a plain housewife, mother Lois with their teenage children, Meg and Chris and the youngest, baby Stewie. Stewie happens to a special yet evil genius. Another part of the family is Brian, a talking dog and an aspiring writer. Together, they discover and solve all the unexpected adventures every week.

Originally, the Family Guy happens to be a short story of a different character, made by McFarlane during his studies in animation in the 1990’s. The first episode was aired on Fox in January of the year 1999, unfortunately the program was canceled due to low ratings. Fox came up with an idea to release numerous DVD copies of the first 2 season, it gained its popularity, came back to the television series and won 3 Emmy awards in 1 decade. During this time the Family Guy is one of the most popular adult animated series on the Fox Network.

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