The Simpsons (1/5)

The Simpsons is known to be the most famous animated series of all time. The long-lived fictional family is still alive on national television until now, for more than 30 years. Eventually this animated series designed for teens to adult viewers due to its explicit scenes and dialogues.

Laugh, laugh and laugh, this is the main feature of this animated program, a full comedy show.

Nowadays, the program was criticized due to its current formulaic presentation, but little yet they know, having seen the previous episodes and stellar season will educate them how the Simpsons became an institution.

Coming from the great creator Matt Groening, the Simpsons was originally an animated sketch for The Tracey Ullman Show in the late 80’s. The Simpsons was first aired on the popular Fox Network, since then, the program received a total of 30 Emmy awards with featured guest voice appearance by numerous movie celebrity, music artist, sports athlete and even some politicians. The Simpsons is also known as the longest-running animated TV Series until now.

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