Afro Samurai (5/5)

This was first illustrated for manga by Takashi Okazaki as the writer and the illustrator. Afro Samurai was originally published by manga distributor Nou Nou Hau from September 1999 to May 2000. Okazaki was an avid fan of soul and hip-hop music and a taste of American media that he was able to write a story of a Black American Samurai. The story is about a boy who witnessed the death of his father, killed by a male gunslinger named Justice, during is childhood days. Afro technically trained by a mentor and became the best samurai and was able to kill Justice and avenge his father.

Afro Samurai is not an ordinary animated cartoon series for all ages, it features a massive violence and gore on every fight scene, an explicit dialogue with a sexual scene not suitable for kids. The animated series features award winning actor Samuel L. Jackson as the voice of Afro Samurai.

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