Futurama (4/5)

A story of an ordinary delivery boy named Philip J. Fry where he was accidentally frozen in a cryogenic chamber. After a thousand years, he woke up in the middle of New York City, where the metropolis was then populated by aliens and robots. Eventually Fry was able to survive the worst trouble and found a good job in Planet Express, an interplanetary delivery service company. With the company owner Professor Farnsworth with the help of a couple of friends such Leila the alien and Bender the cynical robot, Fry was able to experience the unpredictable silliness of the 20th century.

Matt Groening as the main creator, in the late 1990’s he developed Futurama with the help of David Cohen. Futurama aired its first episode on March 1999 on Fox Network. The program was canceled after four seasons, but then was able to revive its telecast in 2008. Since then Futurama won six Emmy Awards.

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