Woman III (5/5)

Adjusted Price Inflation: $161.5

Woman III is an abstract painting made by the painter Willem de Kooning. This painting is known to be one of the series of six paintings by de Kooning, which was created between the years of 1951 and 1953. Woman III was created in the theme of a woman, yeah, just a plain woman. Measuring 68 by 48 and a half inches, Woman III was completed in the late 1953.

The painting was sent to the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art as part of their collection from the 70’s to 1994. In 1979, the painting was restricted to be viewed in public due to the strict rules set by the government because of the painting’s visual arts. The painting was traded to David Geffen by Thomas Amman Fire Arts for a 16th Century Persian Manuscript, until it was sold to billionaire Steven A. Cohen for $137.5 million and was recorded as the most expensive painting ever sold during 2006.

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