Should You Get a Turtle (1/2)

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A Great Pet For Some, But Not Everyone

If you are looking for an interactive, friendly, funny, curious and interesting companion to keep you company, look no further than turtle. Turtles can be an incredible pet that may be free depending on your area or a lot of money. That all depends upon the breed that you choose. Red Eared Sliders are usually very affordable ones that have loads of personality and curiosity. They are very nosy pets that like to look at every single thing around them. If you allow the turtle out, he will be wandering around trying to get in trouble.

Laws on Turtle Ownership

If you are planning on getting one on make sure you research the laws involving having one as a pet. There is a minimum size standard that you can have a baby turtle ass. A lot of the times they are sold illegally and too small to survive with many people putting them in fish tanks with other fish or with other reptiles in established tanks.

What Do They Eat?

Turtles are both vegetarians and carnivores or known as omnivores.. They love to snack on fresh vegetables but also will eat bugs and when they enter the tank. They also really like to snack on those baby shrimp that are given to aquarium fish.They need a balance of the staple container of basic turtle food plus fresh vegetables and other snacks. Variety is what is most important. Check online to see if something is safe before giving them your food. Obviously dumping the crust of your pepperoni pizza in the tank is not something you want to do so always check first with legitimate reptile advice websites.

Turtles and Kids

If you have babies or toddlers, keep them away from the turtle. Children at those ages are too young to know enough to handle a reptile properly as well as washing their hands afterwards to prevent salmonella and other diseases. It is important to teach kids proper handling of all pets but especially reptiles as the diseases are easy to catch simply by touching them. They are better as pets for teenagers and adults.

Tank Size

If you get a turtle at the smallest legal size, you can start out with a 10 or 15 gallon tank but be warned you will be having to keep buying new tanks. They get bigger and eventually will require a very large one of over 75 gallons to be comfortable and able to swim around freely and bask in the sun or the heat lamps. They may get so big that a pond may need to be built in order to house your pet.

Fun Activity With Your Turtle

If you can be sure you can properly sanitize and clean up afterwards, there is fun activities that you can do with your turtle such as making the sink a temporary housing spot. You put some very large rocks in the kitchen or bathroom sink and turn the water on low to create a very light waterfall like flow. Fill it up to about 6 inches and spread the rocks out. They will swim around and bask on the rocks enjoying it like a water park. They love it, just be sure to clean up thoroughly afterwards. Your health depends on it. When the turtle gets large enough, some walk them on leashes and take them on short trips. You can build a bond with a turtle as they do have personalities all of their own. Some enjoy their shells even being scratched or petted. Like with any pet do your research and you may just get the perfect pet for you!

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