Camping With Babies (1/1)

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if you bring them along.

Get yourself a cheap headlight it is under $10. This will make fumbling for a flashlight and using one hand to search much easier. You’re going to use this light 50 times a day and will make the investment well worth it.
A camping stove and temporary washing station to sanitize items.
First aid kit with emergency allergy medicine like Benadryl and plenty of bactine and bandages. Remember with the Benadryl that you have to tell a Dr. first if you were going to use it so they can give you the proper dosage for the age of your child in an emergency. Bring baby ibuprofen as well.
Flotation devices and swimwear
Entertainment for inside the car on the long ride. Portable games and DVD players on the back of the front seats will keep your child entertained for hours if they are a toddler.
Remember to take frequent stops every two hours to change your child’s diaper. They need frequent breaks in order to stay calm and not get frustrated on a long ride.
Stick to your child’s regular bedtime routine and plan ahead for travel time. Leave as early in the morning as possible so that your child can get to bed on time.
Find a family friendly camping area with plenty of good reviews online. If you know is going to be loud in the evenings, bring noise canceling headphones to put on them that are made for children. They even make ones for children that are 0 to 2 years old. This will keep them from getting frightened of noises and able to sleep.
Most importantly relax! You were doing a fine job obviously by reading this and planning ahead in the first place and will do a fine job on your first camping trip with your baby.

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