Australian hottie Sophie Monk does not seem to be one that cares about promoting her own products and so she merrily marches on without one of her famous push-up biofit bras, blissfully unaware of her pokies.Is it us, or are those babies getting bigger by the day?

And knowing the title of her TV reality show “Bigger than Paris” (Paris Hilton that is, whose ex-boyfriend Benji used to be Sophie’s ex-fiancee), even a blind man can see she is definitely of a much larger size in the mammary department(assuming she lets him feel her up with his cane).

BTW, we love how she tries to hail a taxi by whistling…it’s so Australian outback (er, they still do have to whistle for the cangaroo-taxis). And a little factoid…just to show how worldly we are: did you know that in London it is prohibited to whistle and you will be fined if caught doing it?

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One thought on “Sophie Monk forgets her Push-up Biofit Bra, goes for nipple show instead


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