Well, it’s Christmas Eve but that doesn’t mean the sexy train stops! You still need your spank bank material, I understand.

First up…

Claudia Galanti: She is a model (of course) aren’t they all models? Anyway, you can see her having fun on the beach in Miami in a tiny bikini. It’s currently in the 30s and raining where I am, so these pictures are a double slap of jealousy.

Zoe Kravitz: I didn’t realize Lenny Kravitz had a daughter this hot. Zoe was also in Miami (what the heck!) with her boyfriend Penn Badgley, you know the dude who was once banging Blake Lively. So, clearly his life is made.

TOWIE: I’ve never heard of this show or watched it because…well it’s a British dramality show and I have no way to watch that. Which is pretty sad because the stars of this show look pretty damn hot. They are all dressed up in their slutty Christmas outfits.

Alison Brie: Since it is Christmas Eve, I have decided to share something special with you all. I have a huge crush on Alison Brie and it probably has a lot to do with all the incredibly hot GIFS of her. Enjoy my favorites below…


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