It’s Monday! That means most of you are probably going to your job that you hate, but don’t worry! Monday is now a day you should be excited about! Monday always brings a packed Spank Bank to get you through the horror that is the beginning of the week.

First up..

Lauren Stoner: She is making another appearance in the Spank Bank. I am just at a loss for words…she is just so magnificent in a bikini. I am going to call her the, “elevator” because she is shooting up fast on the hottie charts.  <— that lame joke is why I will never get a girl like that.

Maria Menounos: She is not in a bikini anymore, but with a woman this hot it really doesn’t matter what she is wearing. In fact, I would say she looks better in these pictures than she did in her bikini pictures. It leaves more to the imagination…and with her there is a lot to imagine.

Olcay Gulsen: I honestly have no idea who she is. I believe she is getting married to some former soccer player or something. Does it really matter? I didn’t think so. Just enjoy the hot pictures of her below.

Georgia Salpa: She is a model and a Celebrity Big Brother star. I am kind of ashamed that I had never heard of her ’til a few days ago when she received a “bad” listing on, “The Good, The Bad and The Fugly.” I obviously disagree with my fellow co-writer! This is a woman every guy should know about, they should have posters of her all over their walls and pictures of her in their wallet…or would that be going too far?

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