Could our eyes be playing a trick on us or did Paris Hilton decide to mess up her “rich heiress pool party” attire so that boyfriend Doug would not get cold? Alas, it is true. Paris threw her 4 inch heels to the wind and rushed to cover Dougie up as he was coming out of the water at the Miami Beach where they are currently spending more of their idle days (we won’t say “vacationing”…we reserve that word for people who actually work).

Unfortunately, we learn it’s not all good times for these two lovebirds down in Miami. Doug ended up getting a busted lip in the early hours of Friday morning in an attempt to defend his girlfriend. The story is that him and Paris were partying it up at the LIV nightclub when Paris approached the DJ to request a song. A bodyguard close to the DJ (who apparently does not know the kind of royalty that was standing next to him and perhaps mistook her for a crazy and menacing fan of the DJ) pushed Paris and that’s when Doug rushed to her defense. Fortunately for him, hotel security intervened before the bodyguard squashed him like a coke can and police was subsequently called, but no charges were filed.


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