Stray Dog Joins Race, Finds Human Companion

stray-dog-joins-race-gobi-dion-leonard-china-9They say adopting a dog is difficult; you need to find your one true (dog) love in the sea of dogs that are waiting to find their forever home. But for the marathon runner Leonard, it was different since it was the dog who found him.

If you happen to be familiar with Twilight, the wolves have the power to imprint on their partner. The same happened to the runner when a dog followed him almost halfway through a race. Yup, this time, the dog chose her human and won over the athlete one step at a time.

Dion Leonard, the marathon runner said he didn’t pay attention at first when he saw the dog running by his side. Thinking that he will probably lose the dog along the way or that it won’t stick around for long. But he was wrong.

The dog followed him for days, during the extreme marathon. Up to the point that he let the dog stayed with him on camp during the night. But on the second half of the race, the temperature and the weather would be too much for the dog now known as Gobi, so the organizers took the dog with them.

At the finish line, Leonard found Gobi waiting for him, with tail waging and all. Leonard knew at that point that Gobi will be part of his life.

But their relationship is met with challenges as the race occurred in China; Leonard will have to legally adopt the dog to be able to bring him home.

But a crowd-funding campaign is helping Leonard bring Gobi home. The funds raise will help fund the quarantine procedures and medical expenses so Gobi can travel to Scotland with Leonard.

It was a heartwarming story of love at first run but it was worth to note that Leonard exerted effort to care for the stray dog he just met.

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