Somewhere out there, dozens of NFL players are dowloading images of Joanna Krupa and pinning them inside their lockers, grinning from ear to ear. In normal circumstances, a woman swearing like a sailor would be a turn-off, but because it was aimed at the king of trash-talk Terrell Owens, somehow it just makes her hotter.

For those out there whose life doesn’t evolve around their cat, their inflatable doll and Reality TV, “The Superstars,” is a new reality competition that premiered on Tuesday.The show puts professional athletes and celebrities in teams of two for some seriously tough physical competitions. Each week the bottom four teams according to points compete in an elimination obstacle course.

In this first episode, model Joanna Krupa did not losing the loser’s race in tandem kayaking or care much for Owens getting his foot caught in the cargo net, the final hurdle in the elimination obstacle course so she went off on him.

“I’ll be a prima donna like you been”

“S**t, S**t. “Unf***ing believable.”

“F**k this shit!”

“So cocky? For what? You got in the NFL?”

“Unf***ing believable.”

“I don’t want a teammate like that. Calls himself an athlete. What does he get a million dollars for?”

“No T.O., Not ‘Let’s go.’ You’re the one that F***ed up. We could have won. So shut up!”

Here’s Terrell’s comeback while walking the walk of shame:  “I really feel bad for her boyfriend. I really feel bad for him.”


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