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Oct 14th, 2012 | written Zachary
There have been rumors before about Justin Verlander and the perfect Kate Upton, but nothing was ever really confirmed. Sure, Kate was cheering on Verlander back in July during one of his starts, but that
Mar 20th, 2012 | written Zachary
We start off this wonderful Tuesday morning with a heartbreaking story. Alex Rodriguez is in a little bit of a pickle, a very expensive pickle. You see, he took his 20 year old niece on
Feb 26th, 2012 | written Zachary
Manny Ramirez was an embarrassment last year. He played only five games before retiring after he learned he had tested positive for a banned substance for the second time in his major league career. But,
Feb 18th, 2012 | written Zachary
The rumor has been around for what seems like forever, but now it looks like the trade is actually going to happen. What trade? The trade that would send the aging and overpaid A.J. Burnett
Feb 10th, 2012 | written Zachary
Yeah, we are still confused here, too. We’re surprised that anyone would marry Kevin Youkilis! That is just wrong on so many levels, have they looked at him? His sweat probably smells like roast beef.
Feb 7th, 2012 | written Zachary
A few days ago I wrote an article about Josh Hamilton’s relapse. As most of you know he suffered a relapse last Monday after getting drunk in a local bar. Hamilton held a press conference
Feb 3rd, 2012 | written Zachary
As a Texas Rangers fan this story hits too close to home. Most of you have heard Josh Hamilton’s story. He was a number one draft pick back in 1999, but just a couple of
Feb 1st, 2012 | written Zachary
It’s no secret that the AL East has been the powerhouse division in the American League. The Yankees, Boston and now the Rays have helped make the AL East the big dog in the American
Jan 27th, 2012 | written Zachary
The Brewers knew they were going to loser Prince Fielder, but at least they were prepared for that. They probably didn’t think they would be without NL MVP Ryan Braun for 50 games. Milwaukee fans
Jul 13th, 2010 | written Russell
There are things in live that are great: apple pie, hookers, pornography and baseball. And what makes every single one of them better? Marisa Miller. Put Marisa Miller in a tight pair of spandex pants