I was unaware that science had made such amazing breakthroughs in sex robot technology, but clearly these pictures of Taylor Swift leaving a restaurant in Milan yesterday show otherwise. If her face was just a little more animated you would swear she’s human.

Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you, but Kim Cattrall was one of the best mannequins of all time!

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19 thoughts on “Taylor Swift is a Walking Mannequin

  1. Clones & Doubles Board Member says:

    She looks not pretty. I´m as a guy feel it when a girl looks good, than I also feel it on many levels but this girl here just looks like she got designed. Creepy. I wouldn´t kiss her. No thanks. I rather kiss a turtle. How creepy must the people be, who create these synthetics? These people – who the fuck are they? And what else they do all day?!!?

  2. randel says:

    dang. that neck thing is scary! i always check for that in the dark bars. check for an adams apple before you buy someone a drink. but hey, i don’t see a 5 o’clock shadow, so it must be safe.


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