Teen Mom star and fake titties enthusiast Farrah Abraham in in this years J. Anthony Digital Photography’s “Mastering the Art of American Motorcycles” calendar in which Farrah — aka Miss May — wears a medieval-chic outfit she designed herself that’s meant to invoke Red Riding Hood. Red Riding Hood after she’s skinned the Big Bad Wolf and made a minidress out of his hide, that is.

Way to go, society and MTV. You show those kids the serious repercussions of having children in their teens. I guess laying on her back and getting knocked up at a young age turned out to be the BEST thing that ever happened to her. I say laying on her back but she could have been bent over taking it through a glory hole for all I know.

To be fair on Farrah, I guess she turned a nasty situation into a better situation, I mean what else was she going to do, go to med school? Everyone knows teen moms end up either marrying abusive drunks, turning tricks, or as a cashier at the Piggly Wiggly. But MTV turning her into a mini-celebrity is bound to be the start of 14 year old chicks begging for some manmilk on street corners so they can grow up to be just like their teen mom idols. The first indication of this happening is when teens are actually turning up at a signing to have Farrah sign that issues of Us Weekly she was in. [as seen below]

4 thoughts on “Teen Mom Farrah is Modeling for Calendars Now

  1. nunya says:

    Quit bein haters my God! She is one of the decent mothers on that show. She beautiful and is doing a good job with her daughter, and alone at that. Grow the fuck up and leave other people alone.


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