Oh oh, foreigner comedian Russell Brand, who is married to American song-and-dance woman Katy Perry is in big big trouble. We hope Russell Brand’s New Year’s Eve plans didn’t include getting laid or getting whipped cream launched at him. Because we don’t see that happening now. Why you ask? Because he Tweeted this picture of Katy in the middle of the night without any makeup on, making her look somewhat like a surprised Klingon. He quickly took down the picture probably after getting kicked in the nuts, but what’s the point really, anything that´s been online for even a second is there for good.

So enjoy the splendor that is Katy Perry in the morning. Humm, she actually looks like Trinity in the last couple of Matrix movies, the ones where she looked manly.

12 thoughts on “The Brand Wife Project, Starring Katy Perry

  1. Mikey says:

    Whoever wrote this article…please if you are married, have a girlfriend, or a significant other…roll over at night and take a picture and compare it to this, I bet she looks similar!!! I am not a huge Katy Perry fan, but after this photo it makes her more attractive. I wish she would have let him keep it up. This shows that celebrities are just human and they go home and their mates love them for who they truly are, not who they are dolled up to look like in public. Well done Russel and you bagged a keeper, she is gorgeous, especially without make up.

    • Jokester says:

      Mikey I bet you any amount of money that you;re probably a chronic masturbating shut in that rips the head off barbie dolls and puppies. LOL The owner of the site is entitled to his opinion as is anyone else in the world. This is a site where we come to read his opinions and laugh at his smarty remarks. Not a site where everyone that reads this should automatically think its true. So, relax enjoy the dirt the witty observations and have a laff. If youo can’t do that then don’t come here.Trust me I have a wife and several other significant other women and they all look like shit in the mornings and two of them are models LMAO.

  2. Annie says:

    What a jerk, t hat is so mean. I am not saying that she looks bad or ugly, but no woman wants a picture of themselves looking terrible splashed across the internet for all the world to see/comment on.

    Now I have another reason to hate Russell Brand!

  3. Alex says:

    i think this amazing like most women look this brillinant in the middle of the night. im no super model when i am about to sleep. it just shows were all human. and to the people who talk bad about her because she doesnt look super attractive then what gives you the right to judge other people?


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