The Fall Of Civilization In Medieval Europe

The European Medieval civilization was full of wonder and amazement before.  No civilization was richer before than the European medieval civilization. People of that time were very much disciplined. They were very loyal, and they were pretty much ruled by a lord or a king. These rulers made sure that their people are well-tended to. But not all of them are like that. Some are very cruel, some were considered as mad kings due to their cruelty and evil natures. But for the most part everything was fine between kingdoms. So, what happened? Why did the civilization in Medieval Europe Crumble? Lets’ take a look shall we?

America was a part of Europe before it claimed independence. This was due to the fact that Europe was the first that made direct contact towards the Native Americans. There were already occupants in the American continent when European expeditions arrived, yet the influence that these conquistadors made upon the land proved to significant to withstand, and as a result, American became an influential piece in Europe during the medieval times.

Europe and American are somewhat the same in the sense that Europe was the first that made contact with the Native American people, to which they brought their culture along with them and established a new form of country under European influence. It is of no doubt that Europe has played a significant role in terms of forming what America is now. Judging by this, Europe, during the medieval ages, was truly a powerhouse of a continent. There is really no doubting that. During this time, America has different cultures that comprises the entire lands of the north. When the Europeans came, their culture was corrupted by these tyrants, and they eventually submitted to their rule.

Now, what was the downfall of this once powerful continent? Europe seemed unstoppable during their time of reign, especially during the time when the European powers were preying on the new world, as new sources of riches and power.

It all started when each of the kingdoms in Europe fought with each other. Since there was a growing influence of Europeans all over the globe, or what was the discovered lands way back, there have also been a growing competition between the different kingdoms within Europe. Europe’s history have already been filled with wars and battles between different kingdoms within the continent, which then lowered down as time goes by. Now, during the medieval period, it has been rekindled, and as a result, sparked a whole new heat and rivalry between each of the new and old kingdoms in Europe.

When all was well, things got really intense, and kingdoms after kingdoms started raiding each other, claiming dominance and honor. The whole war raged on for years and many civilians have been a casualty for this greedy goal. But we can’t entirely blame them, since honor and respect meant everything for the higher lords and kings within the vast continent of Europe before. There’s really nothing that can stop them from tearing each other apart.

The battle waged long and wide, tearing apart kingdom after kingdom, until the ones truly strong remained. This is also an even of cleansing, where the war will cleanse the land from foul powers that are currently hindering the European lands. Soon enough, only a few kingdoms remain standing, these are the kingdoms who are truly formidable and strong. They are still conducting battles with each other to see if they are truly deserving to remain. The result is the complete fall of the medieval civilization in Europe, as this Great War paved the way.

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