She’s dating a guy younger than her kids, he’s threatened to kill her and he’s sleeping with his daughter’s double…but that’s all proper adult stuff…unless there are drugs involved. In which case, that means war, and Hulk Hogan wants to bring it on (don’t know if they’ll manage to complete the test…we’re just hoping they’ll be themselves and start throwing their pee cups at each other).

In yet another embarassing Hogan week, Hulk spewed fire via the pages of Life&Style magazine in an effort to get back to his estranged wife Linda who accused him last week of doing drugs with Brooke’s boyfriend:

“I can’t believe Linda would do this,” the former wrestling champ tells Life & Style exclusively. “She’s lost and needs help.”

Hulk vehemently denies Linda’s claim that he was “rolling and smoking joints” with Brooke’s boyfriend, Stack, during one of Brooke’s recording sessions. “Absolutely not!” he shoots back. “Brooke is a clean-cut girl. She’s very open and honest.” In fact, Hulk suggests that Linda, who filed for divorce in 2007 after 24 years of marriage, is the one using drugs. Linda has said she’d happily submit to a drug test to prove otherwise. Hulk’s response? “If Linda says she’ll take a drug test, I say bring it, brother! It needs to be done, and she’ll fail it.”

In the meantime, he just wants Linda to stop attacking their little girl. “Brooke can’t have a relationship with her mother like this,” he tells Life & Style. “I hope one day Linda will grow up and be an adult like Brooke is. Linda has to reach to her level. One day, maybe.”

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