This year you may have asked yourself, who the hell are the Kardashians really? Are they only famous for being famous? And why the hell are the Kardashians on so many magazine covers? A long story short Kim is a slut who likes to play with video cameras and the whole family rode her coattails all the way to Attention Whore Town, oh and they are on so many covers because they sell magazines like none other.

According to WWD sticking a kardashian sister will make your magazine sell like hot cakes:

Shape had its best-selling issue of the year in June on newsstands, with [Kim] Kardashian on the cover. The reality star appeared on Allure‘s September cover, which marked its third most popular seller of the year, and most recently, W made a splash by featuring her naked on its November art issue. W‘s Kardashian buzz led to its second highest seller of the year (tied with Megan Fox in March)

I feel like the Kardashians embody the new American dream: get famous (no matter the cost), then market, market, market and build your “personal brand”. There was a poll where more than half the young women questioned associated her with “entrepreneurship”.

On one hand this could be positive: celebrity-industrial-complex-based MBA programs? On the other hand, your average US Weekly reader doesn’t have savvy/connected parents and loads of disposable income. So my best guess for the outcome would be lots of new YouPorn uploads, frustration, and broken dreams.

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