No one quite takes Twitpics like Coco, NO ONE I SAY. I seriously couldn’t point out some of my family members in a line-up, but just a peek of Coco’s twin moon rising makes me hit my buzzer in the blink of an eye. Coco wants to keep it that way, which is why she loves to give her twitter followers daily ass updates in the form of pictures. These are some of the best (and worst I guess) from 2010… Enjoy.

Oh and apparently most of these pictures have a dog in them. I didn’t find it.

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One thought on “The Top Coco Twitpics of 2010

  1. Big H says:

    Nicole is one sexy ass women and she has somthing innocent about here even though she be lookin so dam mmmmm keep being the way you are coco mad love to and my support and f everyone who be talking bs bout you star


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