There Still Good Guys Out There

There are plenty of articles on bad guys and how to tell that you are dating one. There isn’t enough about the diamonds in the rough who treat you like gold. They don’t get recognized as much as they deserve. The ones who are there every day through the good hair days and bad, when you’re in trouble and have nowhere to go and when you went through your last dollar and can’t afford gas. There are some left. You just have to find them.

He Listens Intently To You

Being a good listener is a key component in if you have a good man. A bad guy will rarely remember anything that you say even if it was earlier in the day. They reply with a lot of “mm hmm” and “yup’s.” It is important that you notice this or not. It will save you a lot of valuable time if you’re dating a loser. You can tell fairly quickly if he’s an attentive listener as a bad guy will only fake it so long.

He Allows You to Ramble About Your Problems

In other words, you can vent to a good guy. Did work suck? Was your boss a real jerk today? He wants to hear it and will let you bitch until you are done. This quality goes a long way with women. We just want to be heard and validated. With a bad guy, this is another quality that he can not fake very long. If he picks up his cellphone, turns up the radio or walks away while you are upset, ditch him asap.

He Cares About His Job and Future

A keeper will talk frequently about his work and tell you all about it in detail. He will want to do better, move up in his company and does the absolute best job that he can. Caring about a job shows commitment. He is interested in constantly doing better. No one is perfect but constantly trying show’s heart.If he switched jobs frequently, it can show he is flaky and can’t can’t stay loyal to anything, let alone you.

He Wants to do Fun Things With You

If you only spend time together in his bedroom watching Netflix, and that is it, he is not that interested. A great guy will take you to his favorite places and show you around. He wants to show you things that interest him and have you be a part of it. If he sees something that makes him smile, he can’t wait to show you.

He Calls You

If your guy only texts you and never wants to talk on the phone it may not mean he’s a bad guy, some just hate the phone but a really great guy will want to speak to you before he goes to sleep at night. He will set time aside to chat with you no matter what is going on, you come first.

He Makes Sure You Eat

An amazing guy will always make sure that you are never hungry or thirsty. They may even overwhelm you by trying to put so much food in your mouth. It shows that he cares about your health and comfort level. It shows he will put your needs as high on his priority list as his own.

He’s Nice to Restaurant Staff

Awesome guys will be nice to the person serving you food. He will be very polite to the waitress bringing your food and leave an appropriate tip. He’s not on his phone the entire dinner and won’t let you be on yours either. He’s not in a rush to get out of there because he enjoys spending time with you. There is so many signs of a wonderful guy, these are just a few key ones that you should pay attention to the next time that you hang out. It will be incredibly informative about his character over all and if he is worth keeping around.

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