There’s A Sneaker That Can Help You Find Pokemons

bct7cbm1ywwohktatsqtHead’s up, Pokemasters, if you want to be the best Pokemon hunter out there, there’s a new (and awesome) sneakers that could help you catch them all!

If skills aren’t enough, you’ll the help of technology to find your way to the top. So gear up and find the rarest with the top gadgets you can find. Get the fastest and most secure mobile Internet connection, extra battery or powerbanks, maps can also help and this new sneakers.

A company called Vixole, created the shoe called Vixole Matrix that can help you find Pokemons. The shoe is highly interactive, stylish and innovative with a built-in LED display on the shoe itself. The cool thing about the LED display, you can use your smartphones to control and change the design. And just if that’s not enough, it has motion sensors and sounds so the LED display syncs with the users movements.

“The first customizable e-sneaker with a built-in display, revolutionizing the way you express yourself,” said Vixole on their website.

This makes the shoe fit for players of AR games like the latest craze, PokemonGo. It is equipped with Pokemon-finding sensors linked to your smartphone so it will vibrate when a Pokemon is nearby. Beat that, mainstream shoe brands!

Aside from its cool Pokemon searching capabilities, the shoe also works with Google maps, so it can help you navigate your way without looking down into your hand phone. Sweet. To tell you which way to go, the shoe will vibrate either the left one or right. Even Waze can’t do that.

And if that’s not enough, you can use the shoe to alert you of incoming calls and messages. It’ll vibrate if you have notifications and incoming calls.

The shoe will cost about $200, a project from Kickstarter and it is expected to launch in September this year. So Pokemon hunters and tech-savvy individuals, get ready to get the most interactive shoe ever.

If you want to catch them all, you need to have the right gear. Aside from extra battery packs and plenty of water, you’ll also need a good pair of sneakers, and a company called Vixole is here to help. They’ve created a smart sneaker with 9 sensors built into the shoe so it can interact with VR and AR games like “Pokémon GO.” They aren’t available for purchase yet, but here’s a preview of how they will work.

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