You know the apocalypse is near when Tila spawns with anyone, let alone a rapper, as she seems to suggest on her blog. We thinks it’s Flava Flave but maybe that’s just wishful thinking:

Aside from that though….I have some huge news to announce that would SHAKE the whole country up, but maybe I shouldn’t announce it cuz if I tell people this….

I’m telling you….it would just change EVERYTHING! Everyone will be VERY shocked…so Imma hush 4 now.

Trust me, this is LIFE CHANGING and not a small thing. Even I was shocked when I found out….Let’s all pray. Let’s just say I got hip hop … Someone is not stepping up the the plate…but it’s all good. We all know I have more balls then you will ever have and your a man! Whatever

I guess it’s true what they say. You are what you eat, and you sir, are a p*ssy. I make my own m*thaf*&kin money, Im my own boss b*tch, so dont think I need you for anything. I will take care of it myself then. P*ssy.

You should at least step up to the plate or I’m gonna have to put you on blast in the media….and IM SURE thats not what you want do you?

I’m talking about someone very very very very very f*cking famous! He is like A-list famous and you follow him on twitter too. All I know is if this m*therf*$ker doesn’t step up soon Im gonna have to go to the media and put him on blast.

Imma give him 1 chance step up

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