Now, that’s a big snake. And that’s NOT what she said. But, that is what he said — he being paleontologist Johnathan Bloch, of course. Bloch admitted that he was flabbergasted when they came upon the fossilized skeleton of the biggest snake to ever slither this earth — the Titanoboa.

The 48 foot monster was found by Bloch and his team at the open-pit coal mine at Cerreion in La Guajira, Columbia. When alive, the Titanoboa was a whopping 2,500 pounds and lived about sixty million years ago.

And the Smithsonian has given New Yorker’s a special treat; when commuters make their stop at Grand Central Station, they are greeted by a life-sized replica of the slithering creature. (On a side note, you think any of those people over at the Smithsonian have kids? I mean, c’mon! ‘Yeah, let’s put this gigantic, life-like snake with a crocodile hanging out of it’s mouth where all the kids can see it! Oh… what? You think it’ll terrify ’em? Nah…’)

Somewhat careless or not, the Smithsonian did it as an advertisement for their Smithsonian Channel documentary on the Titanoboa that airs on April 1st. The creature’s sculpture will then be moved to the Museum of Natural History; but, until then, kids and adults of all ages can pee their pants in terror when they get off of the train!

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