Germany, this is ridiculous and you should knock it off.  And everyone else in the world who supports this kind of behavior, we’re looking at you too!  Bill Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel, you probably didn’t just step out of an eye exam, so there is absolutely no reason to wear such ridiculous shades.

Seriously, when we first saw these snaps, coming out of Paris, we thought it was Ashley Tisdale going through a punk phase.  Bill’s delicate bone structure, flat-ironed hair and eyeliner obsession has long confused innocent bystanders into thinking he is a lady.

We are still not 100% sure he is all man, but maybe if he and Lady Gaga combined, they would produce the world’s most outrageously dressed hermaphrodite since Hedwig and the Angry Inch (or, you know, Lady Gaga).

The flamboyant front man and his pop-rock bandmates were in the City of Lights to give interviews and promote their new single, “Automatic.” We ‘automatically’ don’t want to watch the music video that accompanies the song, but if you’re curious to the kinds of boybander hijinks the Germans can get into in an African desert, you can check it out below.

73 thoughts on “Tokio Hotel should check out and go back to where they came from

  1. BlahBlah says:

    Personally, I don’t find his clothing style outrageous.
    Maybe you just need to update your wardrobe and stop wearing the same clothes as everyone else.
    I respect him for having the balls to go out in those outfits and take comments like yours every day. If I was in his position I doubt I would be able to smile and be polite to people who clearly cant comprehend that not everyone has the same taste.
    Also, I think that fact Tom is his identical brother pretty much proves he’s 100% male.

  2. Chanel-Tom Kaulitz future wife says:

    DUDE!!!! What is your problem? Bill Kaulitz is hot and your upset becuase you are not. If Tokio Hotel we’rent a AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEE band then they wouldn’t have fans from Paris, London, Japan, Canada, Italy, and The USA (where I’m from). Tom Kaulitz is sexy and they are all really good artist doing what they love most so BACK OFF! If you have nothing nice to say about them then don’t say it!

    • RoxThisWorld says:

      Btw i live in london
      and nobody here or in the Uk
      have seen tokio hotel on tv.
      they have had ONE concert here in 2007
      and that is it. they have only come once to the UK.
      literally NOBODY knows them over here.
      and they arnt even gonna release their new album here. I just thought i should correct you…
      i dont think the uk should be included in the “european” fans because technically they are not alike

      • Sara says:

        The Daily Fix: Bill Kaulitz is a good looking guy and if you want to bash him for having his own style then there is something wrong with you. Since when was it cool to make fun of someone’s looks?

        @ RoxThisWorld: I also live in London, and there are lots of people who have heard of them. You can’t speak for the entire UK, and their new CDs will be released on Amazon and available to UK fans.

        You can’t exclude UK fans from the European fan base because that is geographically incorrect.

        What do you mean by ‘technically not alike’?


  3. Mia says:

    I’ve never seen a site like this talking such mean things about a normal person!

    For god’s sake, what is your problem?! You don’t like him it’s a thing but you don’t have to judge him like that! You don’t even know him.
    They have fans ALL AROUND THE WORLD, it must be because they have something pretty special don’t you think?! Things like this don’t bring them down. Only make them stronger.
    The fans will always be here so you just need to fuck off. Get a life!

  4. QuanKaulitz says:

    the is soo wrong there’s nothing wrong with bill style now i see why they’re releasing they’re cd in the uk cause your nothing but a bunch of racist that should burn in hell your just cause they are soo successful and your not fuck you haters tokio hotel Forever

  5. Tammy says:

    Sounds like somebody is a little frustrated! Were you sad when you learned Bill wasn’t a pretty girl? Or are you just frustrated that you’ll never have him? :[

  6. Suli says:

    I don’t know much about these guys or care for their music, but Bill’s style is ridiculously awesome! If I was a guy, I would so dress like that. Definitely not something you see every day, I like that.

  7. Jaime says:

    I agree to disagree and everyone having their own opinion but just because you don’t like his style doesn’t mean you have to be a totally insane jerk about it, seriously you get paid to trash people? What kind of person would want a job like that, get off your ass and get a real career.

  8. Phabio says:

    So, I read this as… ‘I hate Bill Kaulitz because he’s fucking beautiful and original and knows how to take advantage of his looks and write good, enjoyable songs, and just to prove how ugly and untalented he is, I’ll post beautiful pictures of him and also promote their brand new video.’

    Thanks. :)

  9. believe says:

    Ok, so some people don’t ‘like’ or enjoy tokio hotels music, that’s ok, we all have different opinions, but why bother wasting.. hmm.. i don’t know, 5 minutes of your life typing up stuff that offends other people?! Tokio hotel are idols to a lot of people, they actually INSPIRE me to be a rockstar. Maybe the daily fix should learn to be NICE and respect the celebrities, and there fans. Bill can look how he likes, some people may say he looks like a girl, but if they had ANY sense, they’d see it was a boy. and if they bothered to listen to their music, they’d HEAR it was a boy. Don’t judge a band by their style, judge them by there music. You may not ‘like’ tokio hotels music, and that’s ok, but you don’t have to shout it out to the world and offend people!!!!! And Bill Kaulitz IS awesome. He also inspires people by getting along with his brother, getting along enough to want to be in a band with him. And that’s great, because most siblings don’t get along.

  10. you suck says:

    wtf? just because he wears make up and straightens his hair doesn’t make him a girl. “We are still not 100% sure he is all man” guess what! HE is a MAN! geez you don’t to stop all this hate. it’s not getting you anywhere [:

  11. sarah says:

    seriously, if you dont have anything nice to say dont say it! Bill is an incredibly talented young MAN who happens to be independent and is not afraid of being an individual. is there something deeply wrong with this? i think not. People these days have to stop being so prejudiced against people who dont look the same as everyone else. people think that if you dont look a certain way then your a freak, but really we’re not if you choose to be a mindless clone thats your choice but that does not mean that everyone has to look that way too. Tokio Hotel has fans all around the world and do you really think that we are going to be all ” hahahaha your right!” no. we are not. also degrading them isnt going to do anything to hurt them they’ve been through all of this when they were just nobody’s playing at small clubs in Magdeburg!All you are doing is trying to make yourself feel better by slandering someone else. so i feel sorry for you. because you are not an individual. you are one of the mindless clones who wants to be an individual and never live your own life.

  12. Savannah says:

    Wow someone needs to get a life and stop talking shit about a band that actually helps people. Do you know how many lives TH has saved through their music? How much hope and love they’ve given to the fans that are literally about to give up and just throw it all away because of people like you and the horrible situations their lives are in? I guess you wouldn’t because you can’t get past one guy in the band looking different. Stop being stereotypical because make up is made to enhance the features and is NOT just for women. Whatever I’m done. I’m so sick of TH haters; they never even have liable reason of why they hate them. -_-

  13. Kro says:

    WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU???!!??? YOU ARE JEALOUS!!! you need to get A LIFE!!! you don’t even know him!! go & care about your own problems!! FUCK YOU,, HEAR ME?? NOO!?? FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!! -.-‘
    If he is or not normal is NOT YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM As I said you are jealous of him, because he’s famous, many people admire him & he’s music & maybe yeah he’s look is not very common, but he is a handsome guy. But you? you are NOTHING, no ones cares about you! That’s why you do this, because you want a little of FUCKING ATTENTION. But NOBODY cares about what you say anyway. 😀

  14. Mikko says:

    You can take everything you said and shove it up your ***, The Daily Fix, since your overly-sized, egotistical head probably won’t fit. I’ve got news for you: thinking you can be so outspoken and disrespectful will get you nowhere. So just stop trying.

  15. NeNa says:



  16. WTF is UR Malfunction says:

    Well, I guess I’m on ur side. What a forgettable band, , forgettable song and forgettable um..singer. Thank you bringing this schlub to the forefront. What is with the tweezed eyebrows? Maybe he is this generation’s Boy George…just without the talent.

  17. Olivia says:

    Yeah whoever wrote this is a dick, let people be fans and dont critisize them, I think you just hate anyone that has an individual style, grow up!

    fire whoever wrote this… it sucks

  18. Beanybudd says:

    God, I fuckknn love Bill. I never thought I could love someone so much. Hes so ridiculously good looking it takes a hit to my self esteem. His eyes, nice nice NICE asss, piercings that normaly would look ugly are smokn hot on him, his unique tattoos, his wicked dance moves, crazy style, smile, nose, lips, how he could play Link from Legend of Zelda, perfect hands, cheeks, laugh, how hes the cutest thing to come since babies, his quick witt, his fans, how his voice is like a lullaby yet has the power to roar like a lion (comes with the hair), his walk, his originality, how there is NO ONE like him, his love of skittles, how he got good grades in school,his big heart, kindness, loves his fans, politenesss, how I want to bang him, how he has a wax figure, his delicate bone structure, body, hair, height, how his music brings people from all backgrounds together, his lyrics, his music, his band, his eyebrows, his mole under his lip, goofball, down to earth even if he doesn’t look like it, his perspectives on life, hes book and street smart, good with money, independent, has the balls to do and be who he truly is, ignores ignorant critics like you who hate him because of his looks which is bullshitt, his twin, his dogs, forearms, untainted voice, how hes so inspirational, how he has touched my life, strong idea if self, how hes a hopeless romantic, & etc….

    Yep, I love Bill with all my heart. Nope, hes not a girl, nope hes not ugly, nope hes not stupid. Yep, hes sexy and yes, his fans love him for him.

    I have some advice for you. Spread the love not the hate. Cuz ignorance is the ugliest trait in a person & ur and ugly Betty without the charming personality. Everyone deserves the same oppurtunities of a life of happiness for this one time they live here. So I think whoever wrote this needs to grow up. Seriously, aren’t you suppose to be an adult not a shallow teenager? Just saying.

    Ich liebe TH und Billy!!! 😉

  19. Laura says:

    Awww you guys should really stop being jealous and start being more open-minded!
    At least HE has a sense of style!
    Seriously, this guy’s everything a girl or boy wants to be..

  20. Marih says:

    What’s wrong with you, man? Don’t you know about RESPECT ? Do you like when someone talks wrong things about you? Whether Bill has his own style, so fashion, so exotic, you don’t have NOTHING with this! You don’t know him, so you talk these craps. BY THE WAY, Tokio Hotel isn’t a “boyband”, but a ROCK band. So, take care about your life. And please, do not write things like these about them! We (fans) from the whole world will be ever with them.

  21. TKaulitz88 says:

    How dare you bash Bill like that. Shame on you! Eventually you don’t know who Tokio Hotel is and they are a great band. SO if i were you shut your pie hole. That’s a guy of course can’t you tell.

  22. your name + 1. says:

    Cala a sua boca seu filho de uma ****,idiota, frouxo de meia tigela!! pensa no que fala meu!! se olhe num espelho e se enxergue (apesar de eu achar que o espelho quebre antes) ai sim voce vai ver o que é ridículo!!

  23. your name + 1. says:

    Look in the mirror and oh yeah you will see a totally ridiculous thing you idiot! And if you think it baixaria people swear, first look at what you wrote man!
    But now I ask: Who are you to judge him?
    When you can find a coherent answer tells OK?
    This website is complete sh*t [+1

  24. Lizentity! says:

    THATS STUPID!!!!!!!!!
    MAN HE’S A MAN!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Carrie says:

    Wow. I don’t know who these people are… but c’mon! I listened to the song and its not so bad! The robots and the jacket are a little much but relax! I think they’re pretty cute :)

  26. MyDrunkTexts.com says:

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  27. Lilli76 says:

    My answer is only with this sentence: “Before criticizing others watch yourself.” I think you will need to explain or understand the meaning?ur Message

  28. tara says:

    this site is a piece of shit. you are shit. get something good to right about. god i hate you americans, im sick to call myself one. you are all so ignorant, lazy, snotty, and the most stuck up people ive ever seen. ignorance kills you know, and by reading this, you all should be dead by now.

  29. tomlover says:

    they cant help having an accent and besides there voice is hot and i love there accent you people are just jealous okay and if your not going to say anything nice about them then shut up thank you.

  30. moni says:

    I just lost all of my respect for this webside right now. Have any idea of how beautiful is on the inside? He is such an charismatic and polite person! (I’ve met him once at meet&greet). Bil dresses after what HE think is cool, and doesn’t give a shit about what pathetic fuckers like you think of him. BILL: DON’T YOU DARE CHANGE ANYTHING ABOUT YOURSELF, YOU PERFECT CREATUE!!!!


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