Steven Tyler brought back some very painful memories for us yesterday. If you didn’t see it, Steven Tyler tried to sing the National Anthem yesterday before the AFC Championship game took place. He absolutely killed it, and by that I mean he really killed it. Not in the good way, he just killed it. That got us here at The Daily Fix thinking about some other horrible National Anthem performances. “Enjoy” the top 5 worst National Anthem performances, ever!


Hopefully this Chattanooga police officer is a better police officer than he is a singer. That was horrible! I am pretty sure halfway through it he just said, “Ah, fuck it! I am going to just start mumbling…maybe no one will notice.” Well…we noticed.



Carl Lewis. He may be an Olympic Champion, but that didn’t help him here. This would have certainly been #1 just because of how horrid it sounds, but I decided to give him an “A” for effort.



Steven Tyler…yikes. He has never been known for having a “beautiful” voice. But, I am not sure he has ever sounded that bad. Is it old age? Or, was it just the cold weather? If he thinks he will be invited back to sing again…well he can dream on…dream on…dream on!

[youtube][/youtube] #2

Roseanne Barr. Why was she even allowed to attempt this? Did anyone really think this would be okay? Her voice is already annoying enough, but then you decide to give her a microphone? Never give Roseanne a microphone! Never.



R. Kelly…oh lord. This video is one of the most underrated videos, ever! It’s so hilarious. What was he trying to do? Make the National Anthem his next single? I don’t get it. I don’t think you were meant to “clap along” with the National Anthem. You’d think after they didn’t start clapping the first time he asked, he would get the message. But, apparently he didn’t since he asked again.

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One thought on “The Top 5 Worst National Anthem Performances Ever!

  1. supersnotty says:

    I can possibly see a game between two last place teams, but a Championship game? Puhlease. Whoever made this decision should go hang their head in shame.


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