I may be a woman, but I know hot when I see it!!! So, in honor of the Christmas season, I’ve made a little collection for you… The Twelve Babes of Christmas, where I will show you the hottest of the hotties for this month of December!

This Christmas season has been — believe it or not — a good month for sexy bikini pictures… or, in LiLo’s case, sexy pictures wearing nothing at all! So, grab some eggnog (and maybe some tissue) and sit back and enjoy December’s hottest hotties: The Twelve Babes of Christmas!

The Twelfth Babe of Christmas — Erin Heatherton, Leo Dicaprio’s new blonde bombshell, at the Victoria Secret fashion show.


The Eleventh Babe of Christmas — J Woww who shows off her sexy curves and her new bikini line.


The Tenth Babe of Christmas — Ahh, yes. Who could forget this pic of Miranda Kerr on the Victoria Secret catwalk? Not I. HOT!


The Ninth Babe of Christmas — And who could forget this one — when we all realized that LeAnn Rimes was actually hot!!!


The Eighth Babe of Christmas — Tara Reid lookin’ foxy as fuck… puttin coins in the meter. Well, whatever — she still looks good! Just try not to picture what’s BENEATH that tight red dress.

The Seventh Babe of Christmas — Wow… Who would’ve thought that Snooki EVER would’ve made this list? Still… she looks good!


The Sixth Babe of Christmas — Farrah Abraham, the terrible mother that’s still hot as hell, and makes this list ONLY because of that tight little white bikini.


The Fifth Babe of Christmas — Rhianna in her new video You Da One where she is near naked, wearing only a skin-colored leotard.


The Fourth Babe of Christmas — I know this pic wasn’t taken in December, but it still earns Hope Dworaczyk a spot on this list cause… Dayam!!!


The Third Babe of Christmas — LiLo, of course, earns this spot for her bikini clad not-supposed-to-be-posed pic… Still, she looks good!


The Second Babe of Christmas — I have no freakin CLUE who this chick is, but Candace Swanepoel, unheard of or not, deserves this spot! My God, this chick is fucking gorgeous!!!


The First Babe of Christmas — Okay, I hope you weren’t expecting something different, because — from the buzz alone — I’ve got to give this spot to Lindsay Lohan for her Playboy pic. She may have been airbrushed all to hell… but it’s still hot!!!

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