Twitter hasn’t done any good for the world until this moment. Coco Austin, in celebration of her Twitter followers reaching 60,000 posted this highly erotic tanning bed photo. Usually tanning beds make chicks look super creepy in the face, so thankfully she had the good sense not to have a straight on shot. Then this would have turned into creepy alien porn. Which, granted, could have been super hot if you’re into that kind of thing and are living in your grandmother’s basement. But as it is, she flashes her GINORMOUS human ass to the world – every nook, cranny, hill and crack visible to the world.

This is how every milestone should be celebrated. Little Timmy turned 5? Coco’s ass. Grandpa pooed? Coco’s ass. You got fired so you went on an all night bender? Coco’s ass. Most people would not want to go spelunking down in her nether region where the likes of Ice-T has been, but spending 10-15 minutes concentrating on her rotund bum seems entirely appropriate.

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