Ukrainian Olympic Gymnast Performs Quickest Stunt, Baffles Crowd


Remember the Stick It (2006) movie of a very gifted gymnast, yet always leaves the crowd stunned and confused with poorly-shown efforts on the stage? Well, that movie might have been reanimated to the real world.

In unusual scenes in the men’s gymnastics team final in Rio de Janeiro on Monday night, Ukrainian Maksym Semiankiv performed something that the viewers will simply never forget: He simply strolled up to the high bar, jumped up, grabbed it, and then promptly dropped back to the floor, and walked away. Pretty bizarre just by reading it, right? How much more if you get to actually see it live.

This elite athlete, performing at the zenith of his game on the world stage, just bowed to the judges and strolled off. His “routine”, so to speak, was so fast that his name was still flashed up on TV screens to present him when the 24-year- old left, leaving reporters and fans astounded and confounded.

It was just the beginning, however, on his second trick, he did the same thing: Jump up, touched the bar, drop down, then walked away.

Ukraine had qualified seventh out of eight groups in front of the last, in which every nation chooses three gymnasts from their five-man squads to contend on each of six gymnastic games.

Ukraine, nonetheless, had just two gymnasts contending in three of the six gymnastic game. Obviously, they finished last, garnering 72 points behind Japan.

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