Using Your Knowledge To Upgrade Yourself

The saying, knowledge is power, has been a recurring dictum in our lives. Every now and then, we hear this sort of saying. Yet as often as we hear it, do we actually acknowledge it as a fact? Do we even care about the message that it brings? Do we even embody this simple saying towards our daily lives?


But, even if we are doing it, we are doing it unconsciously. Meaning, we are surely following what this saying is talking about, yet we are unaware that we are actually doing it. Right, sounds confusing, I know. Let me walk you through it.

Knowledge is Power – Truly a classic quote. Though, we may not know who initially originated these words or wisdom (though some cases do point out to a certain Francis Bacon), the meaning of this saying is sound and clear enough for everyone to know directly, that knowledge is indeed power.

Knowledge, for all we know, is the awareness and familiarity that we have acquired through experience and learning. As one person learns and experiences things that he has not experienced or learned before, he gains a specific knowledge. What’s great about knowledge is that it can be used in numerous situations and scenarios. It can become outdated at times, but a simple sharpening of the mind is not that much of a hard work. Keep in mind that the more you know about things, the more you understand it, and the more you react accordingly towards what you should be the right thing that you should do.

Knowledge is considered as the saving grace of humanity since it may not be visible initially to the human eye, but the gestures and movements that you do accordingly to it is as sound as it can be. In fact, there is no doubting that knowledge is the source of everything. From inventions to innovative ideas, everything has been constructed and made possible through the presence of knowledge. So when you hear another saying, “knowledge can move mountains”, that is indeed true.

What’s fascinating about our knowledge on things is that it consumes our entire entity, our entire existence. It molds who we are and what we are supposed to do. Our knowledge is our guidance. It leads us towards what we have known and what we believe. It may not always be a good thing, but it definitely is the shape of our reality. We are living because we have knowledge. Without it, we are simply living like a rock, no motivation and no reason for living whatsoever.

Another thing we need to acknowledge about knowledge (pun intended) is that knowledge improves us. The more we acquire knowledge the more we know things, which would lead us to be called knowledgeable. Being knowledgeable means knowing various kinds of things. This is indeed an advantage for anyone since people nowadays are relying on the more knowledgeable beings. This means that if you know more about various sorts of things, you are indeed capable of dominating and controlling people. Okay that might sound bad, but you can actually control and influence people towards the good side. So, it’s not entirely bad.

If you want to upgrade yourself, upgrade your knowledge. Sure, you can upgrade your looks, your way of talking, or even the way you sound, but nothing is more compelling than upgrading your knowledge. By upgrading your knowledge you are also upgrading your views of life and how things work. Being more knowledgeable is being smarter and more advanced than everyone else. So, as an end note, it truly pays to upgrade your knowledge.

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