This is one A-lister that demands nothing but the best and would never roll in a regular old trailer when he shoots a film; and Vin Diesel actually allowed cameras to go into his $1.1 million mansion!

HGTV got front and center with Vin’s two story rolling mansion which is now posted up on the set of Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking which he is currently shooting.

The massive RV features granite countertops in a full service kitchen, a media lounge, a private office, and even has a special play area for his children located on the second story.

Vin’s pad also has over $70,000 worth of technology in it including 3D TV’s and a round the clock, 360 degree state of the art security system. The 1,100 square foot motor home is a moving palace, but you could expect nothing but the very best ride for this Fast and Furious star.


Vin Diesel’s Mega Motor Home

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