Walking Dead, HTGAWM, Suits – TV Shows To Return this Fall

The fall is an interesting season, not only due to fashion trends and amazing makeup collections that are about to be released but because our favorite TV shows are returning on the air!

Here are the shows to binge watch this fall. These aren’t just great TV shows to watch but to some watching your favorite TV shows is a great couple date ideas or to some, watching good TV shows is their way of coping with anxiety and depression.

1. The Walking Dead


After long months of hiatus, the world’s most favorite zombie TV show is almost back! Who wouldn’t want to know what happens to Rick, Mischione, Daryl and the rest of the gang in their pursuit to find a safe haven amidst a zombie apocalypse? Admit it, the hustle and bustle of daily life sometimes takes its toll on you and the only way to keep your sanity is to indulge in a good fictitious TV show like the Walking Dead.

2. How To Get Away With Murder


Analise Keating and her students are still completely entangled in the murder mess since the death of the lawyer’s Husband Sam. This very intellectual Shonda Rhymes creation baffles the mind of its audience that’s why it has incurred a legion of followers. Not to mention the very good looking characters involved in the intricate plan to save themselves from the murder trial by covering up murder after murder.

This TV series is not for the faint of heart but for those who want their minds to be challenged. Get ready, because the gang will be back this fall.

3. Suits


Mike Ross and Harvey Spencer will be back with a vengeance. Will Mike be finally acquitted from the fraud he indeed committed when he pretended to be lawyer? How will Mike’s case affect Harvey and Jessica’s firm? We are all about to find out when the series returns.

The two good looking lawyers and equally pleasant looking co-stars will be back on air to satisfy everyone’s craving for some intellectual court room drama and romance.

4. Brooklyn Nine Nine


Too much intellectual TV can also be too much for the mind. So after watching the abovementioned series, why not treat your self to a fun, light and witty police-crime-love story TV show with Andy Samberg called Brooklyn Nine Nine! Probably the most chaotic police outpost in the US manned by quirky policemen and women who, despite their odd personalities, always manage to catch the bad guys.

With Andy Samberg on it, it sure is fun! So if you haven’t started watching the Nine Nine strut their stuff, then do so right now.

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