Warfare Deteriorates The Meaning Of Humanity  

There are a lot of things that humanity has gone through. Throughout the course of history, humanity has gone through a lot of things, positively and negatively. The thing makes this interesting is that humanity was molded by these transitions. What we are today, what the status of society is right now, is a product of all the changes and decisions that the past has brought to us.

It is not a surprise that progress within a nation comes with a lot of sacrifices in its history. Humanity was molded by the struggles and hardships of battles and wars throughout the course of the past. Right now, if we could notice, these battle scars have ripped the soul of humanity, which is, as of right now, currently experiencing deterioration.

If you are constantly watching the daily news, most of it has to do with conflict and warfare. Some countries are currently at war with either foreign invaders or terrorism within their own corridors. Right now, the world is currently at war at balancing everything that is right or wrong. Warfare is a product, and a gift, from the conflict that has happened way before and is still currently being practiced up until now. Despite all the treaties and the agreements that various nations install to make peace with each other, war is just as inevitable as it has always been. It’s the only thing that is constant in this world aside from change.

This trend is slowly taking its toll on humanity as it has been a growing problem since the beginning of time. A problem that cannot be solved. Right now, we are currently seeing the destruction of humanity brought by constant warfare. As we all can see, many soldiers have died in battle, leaving a family behind broken. Many civilians have been a victim of war in different regions, many countries have struggled to cope up and rebuild after a fatal blow to their economy due to war. A lot of cities have been blown out of existence due to warfare, and the list goes on and on.

In a more simplistic and generalized statement, warfare, in all its sense, is destroying humanity at a constant rate. People are alarmed at how these mass destruction and explosions have been rampaging their lives. Just look at Syria and some regions in the Middle East. Right now, they are constantly at war. Their people are struggling to cope up with it, and it has really made a huge difference towards their progress.

Just recently France has been plagued by terrorism. This isn’t an initial warfare but it is a sign of war and with that, the people are hindered by it. An act of terrorism is also an act of offering warfare, which is really not a good idea, but it’s the only payment for all the lives that this terrorist took.

See the trend now? These constant acts of war have been a signified towards humanity’s loss and decline. But despite that, let’s look at the bright side. Though the world has experienced war and conflict through the years, it has not hindered us enough to submit to its mass destruction. Despite all of the things that life threw at us, humanity is still standing strong. All the war that we experienced is not enough to completely hinder us into submission. That just goes to show that despite the fact that humanity is slowly deteriorating due to constant warfare, it can also regenerate and recover extremely fast to even worry about it. Sure some parts of the world may not have recovered fully from past conflicts, but just look at the majority of the world, standing strong against all odds.

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