Ways To Achieve Brows On Fleek


All girls can agree that doing your eyebrows is an art and science at the same time that requires skills like a ninja. It has to be precise and flattering that is also executed in the fastest way possible.

Understandably, not everyone is already skilled in this department; this explains the disastrous eyebrow emergencies you see on the streets on a day-to-day basis. So to avoid being victimized by horrendously done eyebrows, we listed down foolproof ways to emerge as an eyebrow diva every single day.

1. Measure

It is important to know where your brows start and ends. An easy trick is to use an eyebrow pencil. The start of your brows is the edge of your nose. While the mid part of your brows is where the arch should be. And the brow end should also be measure perpendicular to the end of your nose. Remember these rules and you won’t end up having excessive or too little eyebrows.

2. Identify the right shape of brows for your face.

Brows that are too thin may make you look old, while brows that are too thick can also cause the same effect. Honestly, there are no hard rules on what shape to choose. But you have to be able to apply it properly, whatever shape you choose and to make sure it is nicely done to always look sharp.

3. Fill in the brows

One of the most important rule when doing your brow is to learn to skillfully fill it in using eyebrow pencil of other other eyebrow products such as pens and powders. The trick is not to overdo it; it’ll make it look artificial. Do it several strokes that will mimic the hair growth. Remember, it doesn’t have to be too thick, you just have to avoid the spaces in between or if your brows are too thin.

4. Choose the right shade

There are a ton of eyebrow products nowadays, the day and age when beauty standards elevate the importance of brows. There’s nothing wrong in using many different products, but you just have to remember that you need to choose the right shade or color that flatters your face and blends in with your hair color. If you were naturally blonde, you wouldn’t go for jet-black brows right?

5. Hire a professional

Some people just don’t have the luxury of time to craft perfect brows every time. The solution is not to give up and live a life with a not-so-flattering brows, but rather they seek the help of brows experts to get a brows tattoo or some serious brow threading for a more temporary yet flattering result.

It should be a sin for women not to take care of their eyebrows. So if you don’t want to spend on professional services, you can easily keep your brows on fleek by mastering the skills listed above.

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