Ways To Score A Free Trip

smartphone-app-istockThere are some really great ways to score free mileage as well as hotel rooms that you may not know about. You could take a trip to Las Vegas, New York City, or the Bahamas for free using these two methods.

MyKonami Slots and MyVegas

These two applications on both the iPhone and Android and are slot machine games that you play daily on and collect loyalty points that can go towards free hotel rooms in Las Vegas the Bahamas, New York City as well as other locations. You have to play for quite a while but you can do it free if you play enough and collect your bonuses every day a few times a day. It is all about activity levels with these games in how successful you will be. I have 25,000 points and some free rooms are 25,000 points and have been playing for a few months.

Opinion Miles Club

Surveys are a real option to making money as well as mileage points. Opinion miles club give you real United miles for your opinion. The surveys give you between 50 and 100 points each and are easy enough to complete within a half an hour. I have collected over 8000 miles doing surveys in a few months. JetBlue also uses the same system if you would like to get mileage it through them as well.

Mileageplus Shopping

On United Airlines Mileageplus shopping program you can collect up a lot of miles just buying the things that you normally buy anyway. They have an application where you can pay with your phone or tablet and the miles go directly to MileagePlus. You usually get between one and four points per dollar. They have different specials where sometimes you can get up to 30 points per dollar. You have to watch frequently for emails telling you the deals.

Bing Rewards

On Bing rewards you can do a certain amount of searches each day that you can turn in for free mileage to a few different companies. It is in 500 mile increments and is very easy to get the rewards quickly.

These are just a few quick ways to get yourself a free vacation. There are many more apps and websites where you can do these types of activities for rewards. You just have to sift through who is a legit business and who is a scam artist. Luckily I have done that for you here and all of these businesses are legitimate.

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