There is terrorist activity in Lebanon!!! And it has come in the form of an American gansta rapper who goes by the name of SNOOP DOGGY DOGG!!!

Snoop’s constant pot smoking has been in multiple headlines as of late. From being photographed smoking a blunt on a concert stage in Atlanta to Lebanese allegations that he illegally partook in their country, and then his music video where he actually used the footage of his puff-puff-passing session!


Where did this pot extravaganza take place? According to Roger Kalaouz, a prominent concert planner in Lebanon, Snoop and company lit up at an after party back in 2009. Lebanese authorities somehow found out about the ‘illegal activity’ and launched a criminal investigation. As a result, Kalauoz’ company has been smeared and ‘severely damaged,’ and he is now claiming that Snoop is responsible for over $280,000 in damages.

Now, I have a question for Lebanon… Why in the FUCK would you invite Snoop to your country and expect him NOT to smoke some kush? Come the F on!!! It’s Snoop Dogg for crying out loud! Do you not know what he’s known for? Hell, even our own cops don’t bother anymore; what’s the point?

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