Weird Food: The Protein-Rich Cockroach Milk

insect-cockroach-milk-735-350-735x322Cockroach milk what? Apparently, the milk of the one of the most disgusting living thing ever is rich in protein that can actually be beneficial to the human body. And people are freaking out about it.

Some reports even asked if cockroach milk is the super food of the future. Well, a lot of people are hoping not.

According to a recent research, Pacific Beetle Cockroaches

Feed their young with surprisingly protein rich crystals that are also found to be rich in fat and in sugar.

But experts say it is not the same as the milk that we know of. “The protein crystals are milk for the cockroach infant. It is important for its growth and development,” said Leonard Chavas, one of the researchers in an interview. “The interest here was, what is it really made of?” Chavas added.

During the study, they found out that the cockroach protein-rich milk has higher energy content than that of buffalo and cow’s milk. The study is based on Diploptera punctate, a cockroach species that is able to give birth to live babies instead of hatching their spawn from the eggs.

No matter how gross it is to think about drinking cockroach milk, the scientists stress that the cockroach milk’s potential for human consumption in undeniable. But for not Chavas and the rest of the research group are studying processes to be able to extract the protein crystals from cockroaches as there is no way yet to milk a cockroach.

Today, there are various roach farms like the ones in China but they are not yet being raised because of their milk. Some traditional medicine companies use cockroaches in their medicine and was once hailed as the new miracle cure for China’s ailments by the Telegraph in 2003 when cockroach farming in their country had just started to proliferate.

While in some countries cockroaches are considered as exotic food and are fried before consumed. This means that the people’s perchance for eating cockroach and ingesting the disgusting creature is not actually a new phenomenon. Aside from that, it is also reported that cockroaches or parts of it are also considered as a good ingredient in Korean beauty products specifically facial masks.

The widely accepted consumption of cockroaches in many different parts of the world makes milking the species appeal more. And come to think of it, cockroaches are one of the most resilient beings on the planet. There must be really something good about their milk, right?

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