What Is A NASCAR Race Like?

If you are looking for something fun to do that is different, you should attend a NASCAR race. They are a completely unique experience. For three days, you can camp, party, shop and watch races. You will also meet the friendliest people there who are as sociable as you are. There is also many job opportunities that you can explore at the race.

Working at the Race

Many racetracks offer free tickets to NASCAR races in return for a few hours a day of your time. There is many positions available like security, being an escort, setting up and taking down displays as well as volunteering to clean up the premises. If you don’t mind working for a ticket then you may also score free camping to the event as well. In addition to volunteering opportunities, there are also paid jobs at the race. You can look up event jobs or promotional specialist opportunities in the Internet. These jobs at booths like Chevrolet, Continental Tire, Ford, Goodyear, Mazda, LASIK Vision Centers and many more pay around $20 an hour and you can get around 25-30 hours for a full weekend. The jobs don’t require a lot except being very outgoing and promoting a brand. There is no selling required but you collect leads or consumer data as part of the job requirement.

Getting Free Stuff

One of the best parts about attending a NASCAR race is getting a lot of free swag. You fill out a short form with your name, email, phone number and address at one of the above vendors. They want to collect your information to try to get leads for local dealerships to bring in customers. If you don’t want to be called and emailed constantly, it the option that’s on the last row and it says “When are You interested in obtaining the service. Click “more than a year.” They won’t call as often. You will get put on a non priority list and maybe get a call once in a few months. You can visit once a day for three days and get your friends something too. You can get shirts, high quality hats, backpacks, lanyards, stickers, energy drinks and more. Always be polite when you get an email or a phone call. This is how these businesses continue to give away free merchandise.


Camping at a NASCAR race is an incredible experience. You meet people from all over the world and see some epic camping set ups. Some venues like Watkins Glen take reservations the previous October so you need to get your spot early. Pocono Raceway lets you camp right in the infield of the race. You can see all action right from the comfort of your camper or tent. Make sure to bring plenty of food and drinks as a burger is $6, fries are $5 and a soda or water is $4. You do not want to survive on race food all weekend or you will spend $150 on it by weekend’s end for just you. Bring sandwich meats, bread, cheese, chips, hot dogs and burgers for grilling, bananas, apples, cases of water, soda and beer and you should be okay for a few days.

Last Of All

Have fun! You are in for a hell of a weekend. You can rent race headphone sets that allow you to hear all of the action from the driver’s seat and can choose what driver you want to listen to. There is also a video feed so if you are wandering around, you don’t have to miss any of the action.

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