What to wear During a Date

restaurant, couple and holiday concept - smiling couple eating mDating is one of God’s gift to the world. When we are blessed with acquiring a date, we must not mess it up. We need to stand to the occasion and dominate. And when I mean dominate, I mean make the whole event as successful as possible. No one wants a ruined date. It’s probably the worst that can happen to us.

A lot of factors are associated with an unsuccessful date. You date might not have liked the venue, the food, the atmosphere, the aura, they might not have liked you, after all, they might think you’re too boring, etc.

The worst reason from the ones mentioned would probably be your date not liking you after all. With that, you are left with the question, ‘WHY?’

You made all the necessary preparations and all the little things, as well as scouting their likes and dislikes, but in the end they still not like you. You have all the right reasons to say WHY.

Well, maybe it’s not about your attitude or your preparations that discouraged them, maybe it’s about your look. Have you ever assessed about what you wore when you dated? Okay, now maybe we’ve found the problem.

Dressing to the occasion is of equal importance to making the whole preparations in the first place. You need to know that what you wear will also make or break a date. People are very particular with clothing, especially with the one’s they are with. If your date is not satisfied with what you’re wearing, then chances are, they are going to feel awkward about it the whole duration of the date. It is very important that you know what to dress when on a date. You need to dress appropriately.

Dressing for a date is quite diverse, since most dates are also different, depending on what you want your date to end up.

The bottom line is dress to impress and inspire. If you are a person who has no fashion sense and is in dire need of help on what they should be wearing, then consider these tips on what to wear when on a date:

Remember, the way you dress depends on what sort of date you are involved in, as well as the venue. The Venue greatly factors the way you would dress.

If your venue is a luxurious place like a five-star restaurant, then I suggest men should be wearing some luxury too. Wear your most expensive watch, put on your most classy polo shirt. Some comfortable black jeans and shoes will complete your look. DO NOT WEAR SHORTS. Please, for the love of God.

For the women, wear a low dress. Make it simple with a long black dress. For occasions like cocktail hour, go short, but comfortable. Remember to wear minimum accessories like earrings, a bracelet, earrings, or a necklace. You should not be wearing everything. Two of each would do.

If the date is just the casual one, then also dress accordingly.

For men, the most casual thing you can wear is a great pair of cargo shorts, a polo shirt with a collar and some really good-looking flip-flops. NOCROCS. Also, don’t wear running shoes. Unless you’re actually going to be running for your date, don’t wear them, they are clearly inappropriate.

For women, always remember that going casual usually reflects more of your personality, but you do want to look polished and appropriate. So I would suggest you wearing what you usually wear.

An important thing to also note is that ‘never leave your comfort zone.’ If you are uncomfortable wearing particular clothing, then disregard them. Nothing is more disappointing to see than you being limited with movement because of what you are wearing. Take these tips into serious consideration, and remember, Dress to impress and to inspire.

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