When Art Meets Science

normalArt and Science are two different Fields. They are very contrasting with each other, with science relying on pure explanation and analysis to come up with informative judgments, while art is being the counterpart by being a realm of unconventional aspects being put to one, unlike science, art cannot be explained directly. Art can be defined by a lot of things. It can never have one explanation. When science fails to understand something, it makes assumptions that still goes within the norms. Science is pretty much conventional and relies much on facts rather than fiction.

But have you ever imagined if these two ever collide, what would happen?

What could happen if the fact-heavy science would meet the unconventional features of art? MAGIC!

Magic would certainly happen if ever these two meet.

Have you heard that they have already met? Science and art have already collided.

Here at the Future World, you will get to experience what it’s like to witness the convergence of art and science through their ‘When Art meets Science’ exhibit.

This exhibit features art that has been blended with the concept of science.

Set your imagination loose here at Future World, a modern-day Art-Science Museum that would certainly open your sense of both fields. Explore a fully mesmerizing 1500-square-meter digital universe, where 16 wondrous art installations come to life and evolve in real-time through the visitor’s presence and participation. Be stunned as this amazing interactive exhibit responds to your every behavior, and changes according to your creative response.

Future World is a permanent exhibition and is continually open for the next three years. The installations will change, though, and will improve over time to keep the exhibition fresh and interesting to the visitors.

To ensure that all visitors have ample and quality time to view and interact with each and every artwork, here are the convenient admission times: 10am, 11.30am, 1pm, 2.30pm, 4pm and 5.30pm (last entry). Please be aware that during peak hours, a queue is always expected at the exhibition entrance. Visitors will be allowed into the exhibition as soon as we can accommodate.

For a successful visit to the Museum, I would recommend you buying tickets and reservations online prior to your visit. Tickets are also available at the MasterCard Theatres Box Office.

Here are some exhibits where you can explore the wonders of art and science:

Graffiti Nature

Graffiti Nature is a digital collection of animals that roam freely across the galleries, as they are brought to life from drawings that you create yourself. How awesome is that?


Your adventure commences with an alluringwalk through Nature. This interactive world of nature is composed entirely of digital technology, concurrentlyinvolving you and challenging your perceptions of the natural world.


Your journey continues with a glide down into the Town, a busy and vigorous digital cityscape where visitor-generated virtually populates a virtual town. Try your knowledge at urban planning and design in a fun and innovative ways.


This is my personal favorite. Ever wanted to feel what it’s like to be in space? Then go through the heart of outer space for the breathtaking finale of your journey. Be spellbound by the beauty and magnitude of the cosmos and watch as your motionsmold into the shape of a monumental digital universe.

There are so much more things to see in this exhibit. But all of it truly centers on the collision of art and science. What a spectacular experi

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