Where And How To Meet Your Perfect Match

engagement-session-photo-1080x675Break ups most certainly do suck. No matter how many we go through, they still feel just as terrible as the last. Why is that? What causes our brains to assume that the person we are currently with will be the one we stay with forever when logic tells us that the last 20 did not work out so why would this one? It is the good and bad side of human nature. We have the uncanny ability to keep continuing to fall in love although our better judgment tells us otherwise. If you do the math falling in love is a very bad percentage to place bets on. It is one of the worst percentages. In a typical year you could go through 3 to 4 relationships that you thought we’re going to last. Each one you thought was going to be “The One” only to see it fail but why?

We are Discovering and Uncovering

It is thought and shown mathematically that it is because we are getting truly closer to “The One” each break up that we go through and see what qualities the last person had that you liked and what qualities you would like in the next. It is like getting better at anything else, dating. Dating is a true skill these days. It’s like looking for a good oyster. You have to sift through the cheap ones to get a real pearl. Eventually and logically you should hit your perfect match math wise but what is it? If you Google it, for men it says seven real relationships and then you’ll find the one you will marry. For women it is eight. So it does sound like a pretty close number for both men and women.

Where Do You Meet a Quality Relationship Match?

It is so hard to say where the perfect place to meet someone is because each of us has different hobbies and things we enjoy. So the best place for you to meet a mate would not be the best place for somebody else. If you are into guys that like sports, you could go to a sporting event, a NASCAR race, or whatever kind of sport it is that you enjoy. There you would meet somebody that at least likes one of the same things that you do passionately because they are there. It will give you a starting point to talk about things and see what else you have in common. If you go to a bar or a club to meet a quality mate for a relationship, you are rolling the dice because you never know the true intentions of why someone else is there. A lot of people will have an intense connection right away at first sight that is a chemical reaction to alcohol and hormones. This can be confused for love when it is actually lust for a period of time. You have to do a lot of talking to another person to see if you are compatible together in a relationship.

What Matters Most to People Long Term That Makes it Last?

More important than common hobbies is common future goals. If you both want to open up a business in the future that is similar that might be more valuable for a long-term goal than both of you enjoying hockey. Your moral values are also important and they need to be quite similar in order for it to work out long-term. If you have a very highly moral person with a person that is not moral at all, you’re setting yourself up for a situation in which one person is constantly trying to change the other person into what they want them to be. This never works out as you cannot truly change someone else. You have to both have the same core values in order for it to last. A physical attraction is also necessary, but that does not deem as highly in factoring in with her a relationship will last or not. Wanting the same things in life is a connection that seems to be out all others.

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