Which Cellphone Is Right For You?

We all have our preferences on which phone platform we prefer. Some of us like the sleek design of the iPhone with it’s classic simplicity and easy to understand App Store. Others prefer a little more freedom in their phone like the Android models. They have apps from all sorts of developers without as many restrictions. Some people like a regular touch tone cell phone with no-frills. A Select few like Microsoft’s version of the cell phone. It all depends upon your personal style and what you need the phone for.

iPhone has a proven track record of success. You can get different levels of storage and they are quick and simple. Meeting with other iPhone users is a breeze and you can tell when they have read your message. You can also video chat them without any additional downloads at any time which is quite convenient. You cannot however download any app you like unless it is available from the Apple store. That can be frustrating for some users. Android on the other hand has thousands of applications at your disposal and removable memory. You can add any amount of gigabytes you want to your phone to store multiple pictures and documents. With the invention of the Cloud however, it is not as necessary to carry around storage with you.

One downfall of the android system is the constant ads as well as malware that can be put on your phone at any time. Users complain about having to clean their memory constantly and delete applications. Applications used to clean your phone contain more apps and ads so you don’t really know if it is helping you or not. You can get a decent Android platform phone for around $100 where a new iPhone 6S with 64 GB of memory costs $850. The top of the line Android phone the Samsung Galaxy Edge seven also costs the same amount.

Microsoft has a line of phones like Lumia and Nokia which have a very simple interface as well as process information quickly. They are slim and quick and are great for writing documents. They have an extremely limited App Store however which is smaller than both apples and Google Play’s. Their games are all versions of Xbox games which can be fun but you may have a hard time finding other people to play with if everyone has an apple or an android operating system. They have a few other games as well but have very few in common with the other two systems.

As far as speed in playing games, the iPhone 6 ass seems to be quicker in playing games like game of war or large casino games. This can be a huge benefit if you like to play games on your phone. If you enjoy moneymaking hasp however where you download other apps or complete small tasks for points that you turn into gift cards, android has a better selection. You can make money on your phone if you know which ones to download. Some of the money making apps go across platforms like perk which has apps for both operating systems. The majority of them will be found in the Google play store.

Everyone has a preference to which operating system they prefer and most people are extremely loyal to their system. If you ask anyone they will give you all the reasons why their operating system is better than your operating system. They both have advantages and drawbacks and in the end it comes down to your lifestyle and what you use your phone for.

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