Yes… She has lived up to her namesake, that’s for sure! Now, we all know that nobody watches The View, for obvious reasons. But this is one clip that is a must-see! Whoopi Goldberg, always the comedian, blew more out of her ass than just witty commentary on this episode.

Along with her not-worth-mentioning co-hosts, Whoopi was in the middle of interviewing bombshell actress, Claire Danes, over something else that isn’t worth mentioning when she farted so loud that she damn near blew a hole through the nappy blue cushion.

Not even attempting the ‘Who did that?’ cover, Whoopi quipped, ‘Excuse me! I think I just blew a little frog out of there!’ Oh, girl got jokes!!! And while everyone burst into laughter, Whoopi’s left-hand woman wasn’t so enthused. Oh, her face is friggin’ priceless! The red-headed woman — oh, what’s her name? Oh, yeah — Joy Behar gave Whoopi a sneer that was truly picture-worthy.

Always taking things in stride, Whoopi wins The Daily Fix Award for Best Public Fart! Congratulations, Whoopi. Expect your Beano coupon in the mail in four to six weeks!!!







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