Why Dogs Are Better that Humans, Really.

funnydogs0063_OTo be honest, dogs have a tendency to outdo their human counterpart in so many ways. They tend to be more affectionate, loving, caring and sometimes intellectual than some humans are. Don’t believe us? Here are some reasons to help convince you that instead of getting a human being for a best friend to get a dog instead.

They have unwavering loyalty

Yup, that’s right. I doubt if you can ever find a person as loyal as your four-legged best friend could be. Humans have feeling, preferences, priorities, biases and inclinations, which affect how they treat a person. Sadly, these can also lessen their loyalty. But it doesn’t mean your human friends are no good, they’re also great. It’s just that no one, as on one can be as loyal to you as your dog.

They won’t bail on you

Simple because they love you, they will do everything in their power to make you happy. You want to walk, travel, play, take a bath they’ll do it for you and with. Sometimes, us humans are the ones who need to be reminded that dogs live their lives for their human and they are willing to do anything they can to please you, even if it means doing something they don’t really like to do. So shame on your friends who always bail on you on the last minute, good thing your always reliable dog-friend is only one call away.

They’re actually smart!

Dogs aren’t just animals who run around and poop inside your house but they are smart species. Aside from teaching them to roll, play dead, jump or add numbers, dogs can be trained in various professional expertise. Some dogs can be guide dogs for the blind, or bomb-sniffing dogs in the military. Lately, there are new branches of medicine where “assisting dogs” are trained to tell if their humans are in need of specific medicines. Some dogs also frequent hospitals to be the bearer of fun for children and patients with diseases. So how’s that for the definition of smart?

Dogs are out-of-this-world cuddly

Yup, you can never find a person that is as huggable as your furry friend. They all come in all shapes, sizes and furs but what remains uniform among all dog breeds is their loved for human hugs and kisses. Owning a pet dog means you get endless kisses on the face, and numerous hugs everyday! (Occasionally picking up their poop is a VERY small price to pay).

They are always genuinely happy to see you

Some of your human friends might be experts in hiding their true feelings but dogs are just plain transparent. That tail wagging can only mean they are excited to see you no matter how long you’ve been gone. For dogs, seeing their humans emerge from the front door is the most memorable moment of their lives!

Dogs are extremely cute

Dog lovers and non-dog lovers alike can agree that these animals are cute. When they flash those puppy eyes, who can even say no to them, right? This is the reason why a lot of kids (and their parents as well) fall in love with dogs the first time they meet each other. It’s like the human equivalent of love at first sight.

Dogs mature faster

If you’re always complaining that your partner is very immature, try getting a pet dog. They’re not just happy and smart species, they also mature faster. Given that the dog years is faster compared to human years, it can mean that their outlook in life could be more mature than your partner’s or you other human friends.

In short, you can never get the same happiness you get from having a dog. So if you have a furry pet, you can hug them now and if not, raise your standards, its t

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