Why Gilmore Girl’s Netflix Debut Is A Gift To Mankind

gilmore-girls-readies-up-for-netflix-4-episodesThe teenagers of the early 2000 are in for a treat as Netflix announced that the very popular mother and daughter tandem of the “Gilmore Girls” will be available online.
If you haven’t heard about Gilmore Girls it’s either you live under a rock or you’re probably too young. The comedy-drama was launched in 2000 that lasted for seven seasons. It tackles the life and challenges met by the mother and daughter tandem played by Alexis Blede and Amy Sherman-Palladino.

Lorelai and Rory are two very colorful characters that endeared the series to viewers of all gender and ages and with the recent Netflix comeback, this just means that the show is also capable of conquering even generations of viewers.

The topics are mostly about friendship, family and romance involving both the Gilmore girls. But the wittingly presented story line and the charm of both lead characters (not to mention the line up of leading men) are what the audience loved about the show. Remember Jared Padalecki from Supernatural? He played one of Rory’s love interests on the show. Former Nsync, Lance Bass also did a cameo, as one of Rory’s love interests, when he was still straight or still probably confused with his sexuality.

The show is an Emmy awardee and it has also received a Time Magazine’s All-TIME 100 TV show award.

Last 2015, talks about Netflix and the negotiations with Gilmore Girls creator Amy-Sherman-Palladino made news. Sources say Netflix will air longer chunks of the show instead as opposed to the original per-episode style of the series.

Last month a teaser of Gilmore Girls revival was shown and the series is expected to debut on Netflix this Novermber. For now, the line-up is consists of four 90-minute films but the creator Amy Sherman-Palladino are open to the possibility of showing more.

“We put these together, we told these stories, and now we throw them out to the universe,” Sherman-Palladino sain in an interview.

The show went off-air in 2007 and fans are anticipating the revival set to air end of this year.

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