Apparently because weird men are also weird in how they handle their break-ups, Jim Carrey decided to assault Elin Nordegren and kick her in her Nordic ass for basically allowing Tiger Woods to cheat 1,000 times, as some sort of therapy for getting over Jenny McCarthy’s breasts. Which is unfortunate. Having said that, let’s focus on what’s important in this whole story, which is of course the fact that Jenny McCarthy was into sex groups. Not entirely sure what that means exactly, but pretty sure it entails oodles of fun. Any chance we can get a street address and meeting times, Jim?

Here’s how it all went down:

@JimCarrey. No wife is blind enough to miss that much infidelity. Elin had 2 b a willing participant on the ride 4 whatever reason. kids/lifestyle ;^)

One of the negative responses to his Tweet:

@eyssogreen Who r u to attack Tiger Wood’s innocent wife Elin? YOU CREEP!!Jenny mightve been INTO SEX groups. Elin was home w. her babes. :(

@JimCarrey.  That’s a cop out Gail. No woman just stays at home with the kids anymore. Tiger was wrong and Elin was ignoring the obvious ;^)

“I want 2 make it CLEAR that I do not condone infidelity at all, but 2 some degree the responsibilty 4 it is shared by both people! ;^)”

On why carrying the Pinochio gene stopped him from cheating on Jenny McCarthy:

“In any event, infidelity has never been an issue 4 me. If I tried to keep a secret like that, I would grow a tumor and devil horns! }:^<- ”

On being date-raped by Ben Roethlisberger:

“My people called and said I might have to tame my tweets a little.” “So here goes…I’m going to make a sandwich now. peanut butter.(sigh) ;^\”

“Well, I ate my inoffensive sandwich with an acceptable glass of milk and took the dogs out, while avoiding any controversial thought,” he tweeted, “…then I was sexually assaulted by Ben Roethlisberger! I can’t be certain but it sure looked like him! Good thing I’m a Steelers fan! ;^B”

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4 thoughts on “With no Jenny McCarthy boobs to distract him, Jim Carrey takes on…Elin Nordegren

  1. jimcarreyfannomore says:

    Is anyone surprised? Jim Carrey is blinded by his own failure to see Jenny McCarthy cheating the world about her son’s autism! Jenny McCarthy couldn’t even handle her own son’s seizure disorder/ She had to turn it into a money making adventure for herself! She hijacked the autism label, though her child, according to even Time Magazine, probably NEVER had autism. This chick is perhaps one of the most manipulative bimbos to ever infiltrate the autism community. RUN Jim. Run. You deserve much better! This moron McCarthy is out of your league. She’s only with someone so long as they can bring her something. Too bad she isn’t in it for her son, who spends most his time with nannies, while Jenny gets facials, massages, has a personal trainer, driver, bodyguard, talant agency, stupid lying publishers and parasite professionals who feign they know something about autism, the autism her son never had. This is such a JOKE! No disprespect to her son. He’s a doll. But he never had autism.

  2. Randy says:

    People sure hate the truth? o you think a man can have that many ho’s on the side and his wife or GF does not know? She is innocent, why is that, because she had two kids? The woman had a nanny, cook, and maid, she was not doing that much mothering alone, she sure found time too take a bunch of bikini shots pre and post baby, think she drug the kids along also? Tiger was wrong, but do not try and convince yourself, she did not know. Infidelity amongst the rich, famous, powerful, and young is not a secret, so please!!!! Innocent, because her hair is blond and eyes blue, she is no babe in the woods (no pun). She was a nanny to another golfer, oh please a nanny as attractive as she is, sure Jasper, one of the loudest golfing critics of Tiger and was Elin’s ex-boss, he was stroking it also. She was nothing before Tiger, became a rich wife and now she is a extra rich woman for no other reason then infildelity, because she damn sure did not earn it. Maybe with all that money, she can invite Halle, Cristina M, Sandra Bullock, and Lisa Raye over and learn how to keep a man sexually happy, looking good is not enough!!!!

  3. Randy says:

    Jenny McCarthy is nothing, where is she, what project is she working on? Jim Carrey realized what the deal was her and kicked her group sex having sagging fake titty ass too the curb!!!! Innocent ex-playmate. Don’t you have to screw Hefner to get in the magazine anyway? No I guess that is just to become playmate of the year, jenny was a playmate of the year, right? Fuck her to, she can suck a sick dick along with innocent Elin!!!


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