A mother of two soon to be very damaged children got the shock of her life (lolz) when she attempted to rob a Subway restaurant in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Police said 25-year-old Lorna Hampton (we’re assuming not of the Hampton Inn family) attempted to rob the eatery while her young children were waiting in the car outside, but a quick-thinking employee stopped the would-be robber in her tracks by Tasering her.

The store clerk later told the TV station Fox 23 that Hampton pointed what turned out to be a BB gun at him and demanded money, but instead of complying, he raced to the back to fetch his Taser.

Thanks to the Fox 23 news report, we can see the hysterical footage of her getting zapped, it’s funny as hell watch:

We’re assuming she has previous Subway work experience, did you see how fast she got that register to open!

The employee left the Taser prongs attached to the 25-year-old in case she tried to get up. While the employee and his co-worker waited for police to arrive, they say the incapacitated woman was still trying to reach for cash.

‘She was still trying to get up and she was still reaching for the money,’ said the employee.

The quick-thinking Subway clerk said he felt bad for the would-be robber, who was weeping and begging him to let her go for the sake of her children.

We feel worse for the children.

No word on what the hell a Subway employee is doing with a taser at work, better think twice before you complain there should be more pickles on your sub.

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